Philosophy and vision

To put it simple…

We want to change the world!

The inner world comes first, then our nearest surroundings and in the long run 
there’s no other way, but to change the human conditions and lifestyles we have today in a global perspective.

Through creativity we will find new solutions to old problems, and the urge for change 
and positive development will give us courage and inspiration to walk a path less traveled. Motiv8d and dedic8d individuals with a strong united commitment towards change is the cure that will make this world a better place for us all!

For that we need to believe, mostly in ourselves, that we have what it takes to make a change of habits so badly needed as individuals and the insight of where we are standing right now as a civilization.

Inner Motivation

Passion cre8s motivation – Motivation cre8s results.
Just like we have an enormous capacity within us when we realize and accept how thoughts about ourselves and others effect what we get in life, there´s an even gr8r and infinite possibility for growth, when we fully dedic8 our efforts to the things that energize us most and give us a sense of meaning = when we find the passion in our lives.


Motivation in groups and teams

The positive energy and motivation from executing meaningful tasks multiplies in a team. 
If that team shares the same values aswell, there are really no limits for what can be achieved. 
We at Creative Elv8ion believe that a common set of values and a culture where different competences, talents and personalities gets appreci8d and respected, is the best habitat for producing excellent and sustainable results.

The opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow together with others in a ”creative world” were authenticity, integrity and ”thinking outside the box ” isn’t just management buzzwords but actually reality on a daily basis, is something we at Creative Elv8ion are very gr8ful and proud of.

Spread the word to the world

Our intention with Creative Elv8ion and its philosophy is to cre8 more opportunities for all who want to fulfill themselves and help them to suceed and surpass their goals. Become who they really want to be, do what they truely believe is meaningful and use their talents, competences in a more conscious and joyful way. Both in school education, career choices and in daytime activity- normally defined as work. Dare to dream big, be cre8ive and bold, but also plan and organize things thoroughly so they can 
be executed more accurate and have fun while doing it, is the reciepie to sucess in our organisation.

These are the core values of Creative Elv8ion, the foundation of our philosophy and the vision for a better world as a whole.