Among Creative Elv8ions founders there’s a vast experience from personal growth, sales, career coaching, business and communication. In addition to that a lot of knowledge about our brains infinite capacity and how we as individuals learn differently, and can use our minds more efficiently and with gr8r awareness.

The idea has always been to combine education and entertainment. Why not learn something useful at the same time as were having fun? Why not go to school or take an education that´s both something actually useful in real life and motiv8ing?  And why not make your passion, hobbies and skills your daily life income?

The foundation for Creative Elv8ion, is a model called 7m, which displays how we can change the way we think and act by setting motiv8ing goals in all areas of life, and more importantly, why. It’s a combination of theories and very ”hands on” methods that also defines why ethics and integrity is crucial for success in the art of establishing trustworthy and strong business relationships

The model, philosophy and values behind  is the foundation for all Creative Elv8ion products and services.Through the years of collaborations in Scandinavia we also built this very valuable network and we now implement our own core values in different fun projects in the recently started business agency Creative Elv8ion AS, based in Norway.