Appm8s – Your best friends for organizing your life!

Appm8s is a series of fun, interactive planning tools made for handle everyday life challenges in both your career and personal life smoothly.
The Idea behind Appm8s: - Let’s make structured planning fun!

People are different. They learn and are motivated in different ways. Some are very structured and organized while others doesn’t accomplish tasks at all, or in due time. 
In the same way some are more visionary, energized and have a burning passion for 
cre8iv solutions, in opposite to those not so open minded, who prefers routines and don’t have the same imagination. There’s nothing more right or wrong, but maybe they have a lot 
to learn from each other?

Most of the calendars, organization tools are produced by and for structured people with little or none understanding for our brains rewarding system and how to trigger our senses with visuals, sounds and excitement. On the other hand there are those game developers who knows this exactly, but use it to produce cool games for amusement and with no purpose more than pure entertainment and time wasting.

What if we combined these two and unite user value and entertainment? Education and entertainment is what Cre8ive Elv8ion is all about and this thought gener8d a whole series of mobile applications that will make it more fun to organize different parts of your life. Based on the results from a survey, we will within a short period of time launch apps for organizing studies, career choices, life puzzle and traveling. There’s also a lot more app ideas in the pipeline and you are more then welcome to give us your opinion on what appm8 you would like to see.

Just give us a short brief here. If it’s something well consider cre8ing, you’ll be contacted. Maybe you even would like to be a part of the production? We would love to hear from you!