About Creative Elv8ion

Creative Elv8ion is a Scandinavian business agency  with HQ based in Oslo and branches in Stockholm and Copenhagen. We have a unique and established network within fashion, music and lifestyle. Through this network and our partners we can provide new concepts for marketing and sales both on and offline. What unites us is that we want to elev8 people, business and organizations to a whole new level, and in a more entertaining way!

 In the network there’s a variety of competences in different areas such as: 
Sales, event amp; party arrangements, education, PR, communication, graphic design, artists, dj´s, fashion, social media, photographers, stylists and of course very skilled business and salespeople.

Creative Elv8ion consists of people with a lot of different experiences, interests, and skills and that Scandinavian meltingpot is something we are very proud being a part of.

The main theme in all Creative elv8ion produces is to combine a product, service or even a lecture about a certain topic with entertainment. We aim to give the user both a greater insight and a sense of – Wow experience! No matter if you’re attending workshops, particp8ing in an event we’re hosting or using our tools, games and software’s, our unique approach will elev8 you amp; your business to the next level!